Bring your dream destinations home with these creative staycation escapes

Of course we’d all love to spend the summer jet-setting off to exotic destinations, but the unfortunate truth is, real life (boo!) too often gets in the way of vacation plans. Whether work schedules, family obligations or just plain old budget constraints are keeping you in town this season, there’s no reason to relegate yourself to a summer of the same old, same old. A little creativity can bring the best parts of the world’s dreamiest destinations right to your own backyard, even if just for an afternoon—no airport security lineup required. Is it summer staycation yet?


1. Destination Inspiration: Naramata, B.C. | The Vibe: Wine country cool

naramataInvite your friends over, but make it clear this party is BYOBCW: Bring Your Own B.C. Wine. Set up plenty of lounge seating, put out wine glasses for everyone (ideally shatterproof; bonus points if they’re insulated) and get the ice buckets ready to keep those Chardonnays perfectly chilled all afternoon long. Toss on a cool playlist and start sipping and swirling your way through the bottles until you find your new fave rosé.


2. Destination Inspiration: Paris, France | The Vibe: Picnic en plein air

parisLiana Mikah on UnsplashThere’s something très chic about a simple, French-inspired picnic in the park on a summer afternoon. Find a spot by the river and pretend you’re down by the Seine as you share a simple lunch of cheeses, fruits and fresh baguette. Don’t forget to throw on a feminine summer dress and a fresh coat of berry-hued lip gloss to complete the pretty-in-Paris atmosphere.


3. Destination Inspiration: Cabo, Mexico | The Vibe: Low-key lounging

caboTanialee Gonzalez on UnsplashHow can you make a backyard hangout feel like an event? You just need to infuse the experience with a little taste of Mexico. Spread out an oversized towel in a sun-soaked spot, invest in an inflatable pool to dip your toes in, arm yourself with a new beach read (Elizabeth Gilbert’s first foray into fiction, City of Girls, will do nicely), then add in some homemade guac and a pitcher of margaritas for the perfect lazy afternoon.


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4. Destination inspiration: Honolulu, Hawaii | The Vibe: Beachy bliss

honoluluVasyl DolmatovHawaii may be home to some of the world’s best beaches, but whatever seashore spot is nearby will make a fine substitute. Toss on your cutest swimsuit (we’re obsessed with Vancouver-based Londre Bodywear’s swimwear, made from recycled ocean plastic) and treat yourself to a pedicure first—if you don’t get a toes-in-the-sand Insta post, were you even really there? Then spend the day working on that tan, trying to finally master the boogie board, and watching the waves crash on the shore. A spritz of AG's Sea Spray in your hair will amp up your natural beachy waves and add an irresistible, I’m-definitely-on-a-tropical-vacation scent to the proceedings.


5. Destination Inspiration: Las Vegas, Nevada | The Vibe: Glam girls’ night out

VegasSometimes the best part of a trip is getting ready in the hotel room before hitting the town. It’s an experience that’s easy enough to recreate: invite your girlfriends over with their makeup kits in tow and make sure to whip up some Moscow Mules to share as you’re getting dolled up together for a night of civilized debauchery. Dust off your dancing shoes and throw on some ready-to-party gold hoops from Maylie Jewellery—you’re ready for a night to remember.


6. Destination Inspiration: English Countryside | The Vibe: B&B for some R&R

English countrysideIt may be less than glamorous, but there’s nothing more rejuvenating and refreshing than a good night’s sleep. So treat yourself like you’re a VIP in a cozy countryside bed and breakfast and set the scene for an undisturbed slumber. Invest in some fresh sheets (think high-end hotel, with organic cotton or linen, like designed-in-Canada Flax Sleep) and a plush new pillow, and install blackout blinds and a white noise machine. Throw on some eye cream and a set of pretty PJs, and hit the hay—just don’t you dare set that alarm.


7. Destination Inspiration: Scottsdale, Arizona | The Vibe: Spa day serenity

scottsdaleLightFieldStudiosAll it takes to transform your ensuite into a day spa is a big fluffy robe, your favourite scented candle (light up something with lavender—like Canvas Candle Company’s Sister Sister for maximum chill factor) and a soundtrack of soothing nature sounds. Take your time getting squeaky clean: treat your face with upscale lotions and masks, and then work your way down to a foot scrub (it’s sandal season, after all!)