Cozy, comfy and effortlessly you—here’s how to infuse a homey feeling into any space

It’s official: nesting season is here. As the weather changes and the days get shorter, we’re spending more time indoors, which makes this the perfect time of year to give your space a little love. Maybe you’ve just moved into a new place, maybe there’s that just one room in your house that has never felt all that inviting, maybe you’re just ready for a change of scenery—whatever your living situation, we can all benefit from bringing warmth and personality into our dwellings. It doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive process: small changes (lighting a candle you love) and personal touches (filling your hallway with family photos) can go a long way to turning a house into a home.

Here are eight of our top tips...

1. Invest in everyday indulgences

It’s funny how much happiness even little luxuries can bring. Splurge on a fancy soap or hand cream (the prettier the packaging, the better!) and don’t you dare save them for guests or special occasions: they belong on the bathroom countertop for treat-yourself moments daily.

2. Get into greenery

Stock up on fresh flowers or greenery—options like snake plants and philodendrons are great for those of us without a green thumb—to bring a hit of nature indoors. Even fake plants can make your place feel inviting and interesting.

3. Frame photos that make you smile

framesLasse Moller on UnsplashA house with blank walls can feel clinical and cold; artwork and photos of loved ones and special moments instantly layer in personality. Forget about the old-school portrait studio: just grab the fam for an impromptu photo shoot wherever the lighting is good. Print your faves and put them somewhere high traffic—a nice frame and a photo mat makes even the most casual selfie look like a work of art.

4. Layer in tons of texture

textureGetting cozy means embracing texture… and lots of it. Cover the sofa with chic throw cushions and comfy blankets, lay down a plush rug underfoot, and make sure the bedroom is decked out with luxe linens that make you want to curl up and stay a while.

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5. Set the mood with lighting

lighting moodHouses are so often built with the simplest, most cost-effective lighting, but nothing throws off the vibe of a space like a flickering fluorescent or brash overhead bulbs. Try adding in soft lighting at a low height to create a feeling of coziness—and if that light is coming from a lamp that you love (like a beautiful sculptural pendant light from a local designer, or a family heirloom Tiffany lamp), all the better.

6. Light up a candle you love

light a candleRoberto Nickson on UnsplashScent is a powerful tool for setting a mood in a space—aromas can trigger memories, stress and emotion. Simply lighting a candle can fill a room with, say, a cozy apple-pie scent, instantly fueling feelings of happiness and comfort.

7. Create joyful rituals

Dedicate some time to self-care rituals in specific spaces in your home, and you’ll infuse those spaces with meaning and calm. Settle in for a regular spa night in your master ensuite—apply a healing treatment mask, some leave-in conditioner and kick back—and you might just find it becomes your favourite room in the house.

8. Fill the space with people you love

Pull out the wine glasses and polish up the cheese knives: you’re having people over. When a house is full of laughter and love, friends and family, there’s nowhere you’d rather be… and isn’t that what home is all about?

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