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1. Click "Forgot your password?"
2. Simply enter the email you used to sign up for your membership* on the "Password Reset" page. 
3. Check your email for the "Reset your password on Simply Beautiful" message. (It’ll arrive almost instantly in a message from "My Passion Media.") 
4. A new email will be sent to you "Your password has been reset on Simply Beautiful" from "My Passion Media" with your new temporary password.
Copy the temporary password and return to the members page
5. Enter the email address you use for your Simply Beautiful account along with the temporary password** and congratulations—you’re officially logged in as a member! 

*Memberships include Simply Beautiful, Little Luxuries and the Simply Beautiful Club.
**If you want to change your password, simply click "Account Settings" and scroll down to "Password" then click "Edit" and type in a personal password you can easily remember.