Our editor personally answers some common questions about the box

Have some questions about the Simply Beautiful Box? Why not take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below to see if our editor Janine Verreault has your answer...

Hi, I’m Janine. I’m the editor of BCLiving and the curator of the Simply Beautiful Box. I wanted to take some time to personally answer some questions that have come up at least a few times so please scroll down for our FAQs.subscribe now


Is the price of the Simply Beautiful Box in Canadian dollars?

So we get asked if our prices are in Canadian dollars and if there’s any duty added to the Simply Beautiful Box. The simple answer is: we’re a Canadian company, our prices are in Canadian dollars and no duty will be added. All of our boxes are shipped lovingly from our warehouse in New Westminster, British Columbia.
*To our American customers, please note the total is charged in US dollars but shipping is included.subscribe now


When can I expect my Simply Beautiful box?

So we know you’re excited when you sign up for the Simply Beautiful box and probably the question we get asked the most is: When will I get my box? So our schedule is as follows…

  • Our spring box ships in March
  • Our summer box ships in June
  • Our fall box ships in September
  • And our winter box ships in December

If you sign up probably, say a month before any of those times, it’s best to check with our customer service representatives at simplybeautiful@canadawide.com to see if that box is sold out. If so, you won’t get that box, but you will get the next season’s box.subscribe now



How do I return the Simply Beautiful box?

A few people have asked about our return policy. While we ultimately hope you love everything that’s in the box, we know we can’t please all the people all the time. So yes, you can return your first Simply Beautiful box if it just doesn’t suit your needs within one week of receiving it. You can contact our customer care team and return the box, all items unused, for a full refund.
*Please note: We only offer a full refund on the FIRST box you receive in your subscription.subscribe now