The sun may have set on summer but not on style, with this season's Extraordinary Man delivery

With fall's Extraordinary Man #editorsbox, we were inspired to head back indoors and step up our style game. It’s time to say goodbye to those board shorts and flip-flops to make way for suits and shoes, so we’ve curated a collection of products that will help you look and feel your best.

From sophisticated fashion staples to skincare products that will update your self-care routine, these essential items will ease you into the season and ensure you’re refreshed, revived and ready to go. Pack away the beachwear for another year, prep for fall fun and enjoy an extraordinary season!

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1. STARBUCKS® Espresso Roast Ground Coffee, $13 (Average retail price)

No matter how you take it, coffee has become synonymous with a West Coast wake-up. Now available in grocery stores, Starbucks® Espresso Roast allows you to make like a barista and enjoy your favourite café-style coffee in the comfort of your own home. This bold, dark roast has a rich caramelly flavour that can be savoured on its own, or paired with your favourite fall desserts.

2. DI MORELLI Clear Skin Exfoliating Pads, $45
Exfoliating pads

After summer’s harsh rays and dehydrating heat, we can all use a little help getting back to our best selves—so here’s the perfect skin care secret. Using these glycolic acid and salicylic acid pads is a one-step treatment that improves the overall texture of your skin and cleans your pores at the same time. Ideal for use on all skin types, these easy-to-use exfoliators from Vancouver’s Di Morelli have become our favourite deep-cleansing tool.

3. NATURE DERIVED Best Coast Lip Balm, $5
Lip balm

The ingredient list for the Best Coast Balm from Port Moody-based Nature Derived reads like a stop at a local farmers’ market. Handcrafted in small batches without parabens, preservatives or other toxins, this product combines organic shea and cocoa butters with coconut and beeswax, plus avocado, peppermint and eucalyptus oils. The result? A cool, hydrating treat for your lips.

4. PEREGRINE SUPPLY CO. Face and Beard Soap, $10
Beard soap

Vancouver’s Peregrine Supply Co. wants you to put your best beard forward with this dual-purpose soap. Featuring a rich cedarwood, clove and sandalwood scent, the cleanser cares for both your beard and the skin underneath. A combination of micro-abrasive clays and vegetable superfats ensure a rich, conditioning lather that’s free of harsh detergents and toxins.

5. EXTRAORDINARY MAN Leather Shoehorn $15

Even the finest soles can prove a snug fit. This classic shoe horn comes to your aid with smooth brown leather and a classic form. Its small leather tie makes it easy to hang out of sight in your closet (although it’s so sleek you might want to keep it out), while its convenient size means you can even tuck it easily in your gym bag for those days you have to dress on the run.

6. VULPINI Silk Pocket Square, $35

Pocket square

The pocket square originated as a tool for personal hygiene—but in the modern age it stands as a proud symbol of style, adding a bit of sophistication to any sports coat or suit jacket. This patterned motif, designed in Vancouver, B.C., is perfect for fall, showcasing a refined colour palette and inspired by fine Andalusian tiles.

7. WOLF CLOTHING CO. Playboy Sock, $14
Playboy sock

We’ve recommended the accessories of Vancouver’s Wolf Clothing Co. in prior collections and couldn’t help but herald the arrival of the Playboy. Stylish but simple, it’s a sophisticated choice that’s perfect for the office or a night out. Utilizing Wolf’s 176-needle-count construction and hand-linking process, these socks are guaranteed to be comfortable... and sure to impress.