Celebrate a summer well-lived by kicking back to relax with these awesome finds for fall

We went out on the lake, hiked the hills and exhausted the grill with a ton of memorable nights. But fall has arrived and—as the seasons change—we’re going to pack away the summer fun and get ready for a bit of calm.

Inside this fall’s Extraordinary Man #editorsbox, you’ll discover items that both revive and refresh. Style aids, grooming products and even a bite or two to enjoy. This is a collection that will help you relax and find a little peace.

Enjoy a season of style with these recommended products designed or made right here in Canada!

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1. SCENTUALS Invigorate Facial Serum, $43.95

SerumAfter all of the heat and sun of the summer, we need some time to recover. This replenishing serum from Vancouver’s Scentuals is the perfect aid for that task. Handmade, natural and complete with a nourishing mixture of antioxidant-rich oils, it will both moisturize and repair.

2. AG HAIR Stucco Matte Clay Paste, $22

StuccoWith a non-greasy formula that includes sea clay and herbal extracts, this styling staple will keep you perfectly primed. Vancouver’s AG Hair has constructed a paste that is effective... and pretty much effortless. Use it on dry hair to shape and mold as desired.

3. WOLF CLOTHING CO. Halo Sock, $13.99

HaloVancouver’s Wolf Clothing Co. is a favourite of ours, because they know style and they know function. The 176-needle-count construction of their socks ensures durability, while their colour choices are fun without being ostentatious. The Halo sock is a dependable go-to that looks truly fashionable.

4. AVVENTURA OUTDOORS Single-Serve French Press, $39

PressFall may be here but we’ll still soak up any moments outdoors we can—and this brilliant brewer is the best way to do that on a lazy morning. Sit on the porch and relax with this single-serve French press, an easy way to make enough coffee to give you a proper start but not waste a drop.

5. GRIMMS FINE FOODS Original Mini Peps, $9.99

SausageFounded in Vancouver in 1951, Grimm’s Fine Foods satiated the hunger of Extraordinary Man subscribers this summer with their delicious salami bites. Feedback was so positive, we asked for another power-packed snack. Dry-cured and requiring no refrigeration, their Original Mini Peps are perfect on the go—and are gluten-, soy- and lactose-free with no MSG added.

6. EVIO SKIN Rejuvenating Mask, $22

MaskWe can all use a little self-care... and this mask is a perfect, nourishing grooming tool. Super hydrating, the natural fatty acids and antioxidants in hemp seed oil make it a good choice if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin. (You can also apply a thin layer to the face as an everyday moisturizer!)