It’s here! Fall—and this season's Extraordinary Man #foundersbox have arrived

With our fall Extraordinary Man #foundersbox, we want to give your day an exceptional start. After all, your morning sets the tone for your entire day. Skip a familiar step or mess up your regular routine and your time out in the world just feels off. That’s why, this season, we're kicking off the morning in ways that help you get a step ahead of the competition.

We’ve curated products to enhance and enliven the first hours of even the most challenging days. Your entire morning routine is covered—from skin care to keep you looking your best to that warm cup of coffee that fuels a higher gear. We have taken great care in selecting these items, ensuring they each offer a morning boost and that the companies behind them share our values and philosophies.

The unique contents showcased in the Extraordinary Man #foundersbox lay the groundwork for a day that is... extraordinary.

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1. Earth's Choice Fair-Trade Organic Coffee, $14

coffee earth's choiceAn experience with exceptional coffee starts well before the first sip. The highest quality organic ingredients ensure this Earth's Choice fair-trade coffee pleases the palate and then some. Beans are sourced directly from farmer co-ops and the packaging is constructed with biodegradable film, so a cup does good well beyond your morning pick-me-up.


2. United & Free Unity Shave Lotion, $25

United and FreeVancouver’s United & Free makes natural products using ethical practices. This moisturizing lotion combines shea butter and sea kelp to protect your skin during your morning ritual while also hydrating long after. After all, a close shave needn’t be coupled with irritation and bumps.


3. Wolf Clothing Co. Blackberry Socks, $14

sockOne of the more underrated accessories, the dress sock is stepping out of the shadows. No longer restricted to basic black, fashion-forward men are increasingly taking the opportunity to highlight personal style. Combining a 176-needle count and a unique hand-linking process for the toe, these Wolf Clothing Co. socks are the ideal thickness and offer the enhanced comfort you’ve been missing.

4. Barber & Co. Classic Pomade, $28

pomade barber and coYour outfit looks dapper. Your coffee is brewed. Your skin is fresh. All that’s left is your hair. Skip the worry that a flat, dull style will ruin your day by using this well-balanced Barber & Co. blend, combining the benefits of both castor oil and moisture-enhanced mineral wax. Complete your look by adding shape and body with this pomade and your morning routine will go off without a hitch—or a hair out of place.

5. "My Favourite Quotations" by Peter Legge, $30

Peter Legge My Favourite QuotationsIn this book, entrepreneur Peter Legge has assembled a collection of meaningful quotations that he considers his personal favourites. Their sources are as varied as his reading interests, ranging from sports stars and politicians to influential thinkers past and present. But what these words all have in common is their potential to motivate and inspire—and encourage every reader to pursue a life that’s truly worth living.

6. Stoüt Face Care Inc. Daily SPF Cream, $35

Stoüt Face Care Inc. Daily SPF Cream, $35Sun, pollution and a busy lifestyle can all reflect on your skin, aging it long before its time. Using this all-natural face-care product from Stoüt Face Care as part of your morning prep not only protects you from the damage of the elements with an SPF count of 15 but—thanks to the inclusion of jojoba oil and other essential vitamins and minerals—can refresh previously weathered skin.