It’s here! Our coziest subscription box ever

We know the holidays can be hectic, so we’ve packed our winter Simply Beautiful box full of items that will allow you to relax and enjoy the true spirit of the season—treasures to help you chill out and keep the chill out.

When the craziness starts to get to you, light a candle, curl up by the fire and sip a cup of tea. Or stay in for a spa night and a long winter’s nap. For those nights when you have to go out or entertain, we’ve got you covered too.

Here's a look inside our winter #editorsbox. Subscribe now for our spring 2018 box so you don't miss out (you won’t believe what we’ve got coming)...


1. CANVAS CANDLE CO. Best Coast Soy Candle, $16canvas candle

Breathe in the scent of the holidays with this 100 per cent soy wax candle from Port Moody, B.C.’s Canvas Candle Co. Representing the best of the West Coast, the fragrance captures the essence of the wilderness with evergreen, cedarwood and a calming vetiver essential oil. The hand-poured candle is made with non-toxic oils and features a cotton wick so you can enjoy a clean and safe burn.


2. TEAPIGS Tea Temples, $10teapigs

Is there anything more relaxing than a hot cup of tea? Warm up from the inside out with teapigs quality whole leaf tea. The “temples” are made from biodegradable cornstarch, and the spacious bags allow maximum room for perfect flavour infusion. Each tea we’ve chosen was selected with the goal of making you feel like you’re enjoying a hug in a mug.


3. ATIVO SKINCARE Brush Cleaner, $25

AtivoYou’ve been meaning to clean your makeup brushes for a while now, haven’t you? Well, the holidays are the perfect time to tackle the task. This solid brush cleaner from Vancouver’s Ativo Skincare will clean and condition while washing away dirt and bacteria. To use, simply wet brushes thoroughly and moisten the container with warm water. Lather the brush and swirl, rinse and repeat until the water runs clear. Reshape the bristles and then lay brushes on flat dry towel.


4. BLUSH PEONY Fireside Slipper Socks, $38

slipper socksThe ultimate in coziness, these gorgeous twist knit, fleece-lined slipper socks are like a blanket for your feet. Grab a magazine and snuggle up fireside in pure comfort. For those who are always chilly, these socks are great to wear even while sleeping on cold winter nights. One warning: you better stash them in a safe place or someone else in your household is sure to steal them.


5. VITALITY Relax+ Herbal Aid$15

VitalityTake a chill pill—literally. From Vancouver-based Vitality supplements, Relax+ is an effective herbal aid to provide fast relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia and interrupted sleep. It provides support when you need it and can be taken during the day or at night to gently calm your hectic holiday mind, nerves and body. To put your mind even more at ease, Vitality’s products are made in Canada and free of animal products, gluten, soy, artificial colours and preservatives.


6. REDAVID™ Orchid OilHair Treatment, $14

Redavid orchid oilHair feeling frizzy and full of static? Combat the cold weather with this ultra-nourishing (and amazing smelling!) hair serum from Vancouver’s Redavid salon products. Even those with finer hair will find this lightweight formula does not weigh hair down as it smoothes and shines your tresses. All of Redavid’s products are naturally sourced, B.C.-developed and manufactured, and use only the highest-quality ingredients.


7. OLIVE + PIPER Ellie Dot Choker Necklace, $35

OLIVE + PIPER Ellie Dot Choker NecklaceYou didn’t think we’d give you a holiday box without some bling inside, did you? This elegant necklace from Vancouver’s Olive + Piper is the perfect final touch for any outfit this holiday season and can even be layered with longer pieces for a real statement. With its tiny gold beads for embellishment, the Ellie Dot necklace is simplicity at its best.


8. DELIA ORGANICS Dose of C Eye Magnify, $30

DELIA ORGANICS Dose of C Eye Magnify, $30Perk up your sleepy, winter eyes with this refreshing Vitamin C gel from Vancouver’s Delia Organics. Use it daily under makeup (or alone) for the perfect balance of moisture, protection and restoration. Plus, for those mornings after holiday parties, the cooling gel aids in reducing puffiness and inflammation. The bonus? All of Delia’s products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and made in small batches with natural and organic ingredients.


9. SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL Cocktail Napkins, $5

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL Cocktail NapkinsYou can never go wrong with black-and-white stripes. The entertaining season is in full swing, and these chic cocktail napkins are perfect to have on hand when guests drop by for a drink. You can also use them as a liner for holiday baking in gift boxes and baskets. Or save them until New Year’s Eve to complement your elegant canapés and champagne.